Gambling Problems

A gambling problem is a serious and sneaky condition. A person with a gambling problem may not even realize they have a problem. Regardless of how much evidence there is to prove a gambling problem.

Gambling as Entertainment

Gambling should be considered as an activity that is meant to be entertaining. Similar to going to the movies or visiting a restaurant. Usually, when a person decides to go to a movie, they tend to make sure that they can actually afford the night out and rarely decide to go if they do not feel they can afford it.

Because there is a possibility of winning when gambling, many people tend to justify their obsessive gambling using the experience of others who have won as sort of a compass.

At Reel Dice, we are taking this opportunity to inform you that to date, there are no casino games that can be beat in the long run. The odds, which are mathematically calculated by people who know, will always be designed and configured to give the house an edge.

That edge, which we call a grind, is how casinos profit. We have run extensive trials on our game and the possible payouts. And we are here to tell you that you will not be able to beat this game consistently, nor through any tactics, plans, or any other metrics people may be trying to sell you.

Simply put, if your decision to gambling is based on a belief that you can make some money, you should reconsider. Our experience tells us you will not win, and your disappointment will be worse than when you started.

We encourage people to play our game, but not if you are going to be spending money you need, chasing after money you likely will not win.

Solutions to a Gambling Problem

There are many ways to take control when you are feeling like gambling more than what you can safely afford to spend. We would like to offer our support not just by giving you the talk, but we want you to know that we are here to help you maintain control. We will prioritize any and all contact emails concerning problem gambling and promise to make every attempt to guide a person that considers they are having a hard time controlling their urge to gamble.


Any funds you lose while gaming on our site are not refundable under any circumstances. Which is why we urge every player to treat gambling as an entertainment activity only.

More Information

Please contact us if you feel you would like to discuss your gambling problems, or are in need of more help. We instruct our staff to make every effort to help our patrons with any problems they may have.