In keeping with current technological advances in random number generation, Reel Dice has adopted what we have found to be the latest technology. Following is a brief description of how we determine the results of our games.


  1. For each bet placed. A string of 40 digits and characters is generated in your browser. This string is sent to the server when you click on a Bet button.
  2. When this string is received at the server, the system generates another string with the same characteristics.
  3. These strings are then concatenated that looks like the following
  4. This resulting string is then passed to a hashing function which converts the string to a sha512 hexadecimal string. This string is then converted to decimal string.
  5. The last 6 digits of this string are the result of the roll.

You can always find a site on the internet where you can doublecheck our numbers. We do not list any so no collusion can be inferred or implied. Our own conversion tool is available in the game history window under the tab called \"Check Fairness\", where we use the same function our game uses so you can double check any rolled result.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or doubts.