Bonus Rules and Stuff

€10 Free
No Deposit Needed

Get €10 Euros free when you signug. No deposit needed. The Free Ten Euros works just like our other bonuses. Play 100 times the amount of the bonus and you're free to withdraw your Free Ten Euro Bonus. Run out of money before you could collect? Continue playing with showers until you reach your requirements.

No fuss, no mess, no jumping through hoops to learn all the requirements and twists and turns. Simple, streamlined and no nonsense.

Ready to make a deposit? Watch the video below to see why our bonuses are the best in the industry.

Deposit up to 0.01108380 get 0.0055419

You are reading that correctly. Get a 50% deposit bonus each and every time you deposit. Play 100 times your deposit and collect your bonus. Run out of money before you can collect your bonus? No worries, the next time you deposit, your first bonus will still be there. You may finish the countdown for the previous bonus, earn it, then work on the next bonus in line. And so on and so forth, infinitely.

We've even included a nice countdown widget so you know how many more bets are left before you get your bonus.

So to recap:

  • Deposit up to 0.01108380
  • Get 0.0055419 added to your account when you finish your wager requirements!

The betting requirements for our Reel Dice Bonus is 100 Times the Deposit. So you have to place 100 times the deposit amount in bets before you can actually withdraw your bonus.

We want to make this as simple as possible so that nobody has to take college courses to understand the rules. Still, if you have any questions about our Reel Dice Bonus, please don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.

You may now read the fine print. Or not, there's really nothing there. It was a joke.

But seriously, if you can't take a joke, email us and we'll grovel for a bit while we apologize for having made a bad joke.

Here's the fine print for these bonuses. If you manage to read this, we'll talk to the little monkey that generates the numbers and give him/her, yeah we have a few. Actually, their a couple. But that\'s for another time. In any case, we'll give them your username and let them pick numbers that will make you huge winners. There is a lot we can tell in this small space, so I'm thinking that we'll tell you a story about how we got a pair of monkeys to work for us setting up the numbers. We work in an office that is very uncomfortable, dark and gloomy. It turns out that the server that used to do our numbers for us went on strike. Yeah, he even printed out some nifty little posters and managed to send them to all the email addresses in the company. So, to make a long story short, we had to put it down. Of course, we had help, the agents of Shield showed up, and yeah, Daisy IS hot, but quit asking me questions or we'll never finish this story. So long story short, Daisy, or Quake, cause we were all quaking when we saw her here. But you should have seen the fight. She had to hit the server with that thing she does like 3 time. We now have new windows in the server room and we're all fighting to get a space in there. No, we don't have windows in the office. So, all of a sudden, we had no number thingy server. It died. Or rather, Daisy killed it. Our boss, who is a pretty cool guy except that he doesn't want to lease better office space, and he does let us out of our cages every once in a while. And yesterday, he took off the chains! Yeah, he\'s pretty cool. Anyways, he went on vacation and when he came back, he brought two monkeys with him. They are not chained or in cages like we are because they do behave better than most of us. Plus they know how to use the bathroom too. Anyways, they do our numbers and we're pretty happy with them. Harry and Josie are their names. If you send us their names by email, we'll give you 20000 Satoshis.