About Us

Reel Dice is born after a few friends from the gambling industry sat down for a few beers one day after a get together in Barcelona. Sitting in a roof top cafe, discussing Bitcoin and crypto currency in general and how it was more and more becoming a favorite for the online gaming industry as it provided everyone fast and secure payments, one of the guys who is more of a marketing guy challenged the group of four to come up with a better concept than what we could find within the next few weeks.

A few weeks turned into a few months and before anyone knew it, the concept of a Bitcoin dice game had become a working model. They tweaked and played around with different concepts of the game itself and one thing everyone agreed on was that they had to come up with something a little different than what was out there. Which is where the concept of the 6 number game came from. So instead of 4, or even 3 numbers, the 6 number game was locked in and working in the model.

Why the name Reel Dice?

Everyone was convinced that the site would start with a dice game. But some outliers of the group insisted that at some point, the crew would be adding slot machines to the mix because everyone loves slot machines right? Fortunately, we happen to have, on staff, engineers with the experience and knowledge where we can develop all our own games in house. What we need is time. So how do we proceed? On one of the weekly calls one of the group brought up the name Reel Dice, slots, and dice, get it? As well, the word reel sounds like real, which offers some inkling of endless possibilities with plays on words.

Our Mission Statement

We could use this space to make up some great sounding stuff about how we love you and are going to work on making you love us. But we're not. The truth is that this venture will not last long if it doesn't make any money for the group. We're doing this because we all want to make money. We all love what we do. Don't get us wrong, but we love what we do because it makes money.


We respect you. We respect your money. We respect and acknowledge that you work hard to make your money and when you grace us with your patronage, you expect to be entertained for your money. And since we want your money, we're going to do everything we can to make sure that you enjoy the entertainment we provide. To that end, we ask you to let us know whenever there is something where you think we can improve the experience. Or something that we can add, change or fix, we want to hear from you. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.